About Us

What is Burroy box?

Burroy box is a monthly educational subscription box for children aged 3 to 10 years old. It provides you with age appropriate activities in areas such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math as well as Islamic-related activities.

Burroy box helps you connect with your child better. It offers a fun and interactive experience that allow you to bond with your child. Burroy activities will help limit screen time with its captivating activities. Every month you and your child will bond in a magical experience which Burroy box will bring to you.

Each month, Burroy will come to you in a different  theme. The box contains 4 activities that allow your child to learn a lot about the theme while molding their Cognitive,Visual, and Gross Motor skills. We design the activities in a manner that allow you to spend the least time preparing. Materials and instructions required to do the activities are included in the box.

Each box is packed conveniently and delivered to your door steps. The box  ensure that your child is exposed to diverse opportunity and experience to grow, by making learning enjoyable and worthwhile.

We believe that children are naturally curious and creative. They learn by playing, exploring, and

most importantly through interacting with adults in their lives. The play philosophy of Burroy box makes learning a fun and enjoyable process. It also helps in the overall brain development of your child.   

For us, there is nothing more pleasing than seeing happiness and joy in children’s faces after learning something new that they truly enjoy. With the aid of our project, we aim to bring this smile and make it stay. With our approach, we take away the stress and preparatory work by enabling parents to have quality time with their children.



✓ Art & Craft

✓ Board games

✓ Coloring activities

✓ Educational games

✓ Learning activities

✓ Travel games

✓ card games

✓ Books